Ref NoGRI/3
Alt Ref NoMS 29
TitleIndex Catalogue of the works of George Richmond Esq R.A. LLD. DCL. "Per Labores ad Honores"
Extent1 volume
DescriptionThis index was created from Extracts from Diaries of George Richmond Esq. R.A. (see GRI/2). It is thought the index was created by R. T. Richmond of Seascale, Cumberland who owned the extracts volume or possibly by John Richmond who lent the NPG this volume (or an alternative copy) for copying of portrait entries in 1906.

The volume contains the following indices generated from Richmond's account books: portraits, pictures, personal entries, copyrights sold and years in extracts. Volume pages have been numbered, presumably by the compiler. The volume was produced by Charles Thurnam & Sons, Manufacturing Stationers and Account Book Makers, 11 English Street Carlisle.

1) The portrait index is the largest spanning pages 2 to 320. It is arranged alphabetically by sitter giving the name of the sitter and the year the portrait was undertaken. Some entires in the index contain further information such as biographical details of the sitter, who the portrait was completed for, the format of the work and a more precise date of when in a year the work was undertaken. The top of each page in this section of the index gives an overview of the range of entries on that page, e.g. Abr-Acl.

2) The picture index spans pages 322 to 326. It is arranged alphabetically according to the title of the picture and also gives the year of the work. Some entires contain details on where the work was undertaken, the format of the work and a more precise dating. Included in the list are works that Richmond copied and restored.

3) The personal entries index spans pages 328 to 334. It includes very brief descriptions of entries by Richmond together with the number of the page in the extracts volume the entry can be found on.

4) The copyrights sold index spans pages 336 to 340. It is mainly arranged in chronological order by the year of sale, these span 1845-1872.

5) The chronoglogical index spans pages 342 (which is loose from the binding) to 344. It gives details on which page in the extracts volume specific years can be found on.

The remainder of the volume is blank.
DS/UK/57Richmond; George (1809-1896)1809-1896
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